Business Relief Loan Program 

This program is accepting applications through June 5, 2021. 

Funds Available $13,770


  • Interest free, financed for 48 months with payments deferred the first 12 months.
  • The first payment is due on the 1st of the 13th month.
  • The payment amount will be determined by dividing the loan amount by the remaining 36 months.
  • If payment becomes 30 days past due, a 2% interest rate per annum will be assessed to the remainder of the loan.
  • Eligible applicants must be in business since January 2019 and;
    • Have been affected by the COVID-19 closures and regulations during the 2020 year; or
    • Are a new or existing business expansion that will help the town fill some vacancies left by businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The applications will be processed by David Warrington and Town Accounts Receivable Staff, then prepared for review by the Loan Review Committee (Committee)
  • Requests may be made from $5,000-$10,000, but Review Committee can scale back any request made to a lesser amount, down to $5,000.
  • Committee approval based on an analysis of the application materials and potential viability of the business.Funds may be used for inventory, technology, operating expenses, interior building improvements, and/or exterior building improvements.
  • Must be brick and mortar business that contributes to our tax base*, provides a service, product and employment opportunities. *Contributing to the tax base as; a real property tax holder at the business location, a licensed business with the Town of Mount Airy and/or pays Tangible Business Personal Property Taxes to the Town of Mount Airy.

Loan Protection

  • A personal guarantee– a legal promise made by the individual to repay credit issued to their business using their own personal assets in the event that the business is unable to repay the debt.
  • Applicant may be asked to place the Town at a minimum in second position as a creditor.
  • In lieu of a secured business loan, the following may be considered:
    • Co-signer on the loan - another individual or group agreeing to back the loan if the original debtor fails to make payments.-A secured business loan. This is a loan that requires a form of collateral, such as real estate or a piece of equipment. In the event that a company defaults on its loan, the lender (Town) has the right to seize the collateral and sell it to recoup any balance owed.

Review Process

The Application is reviewed first by the Town Administrator. It will then pass through a Review Committee where the final determination will be made and the applicant will be notified within 2-4 weeks. If there is a longer delay, the applicant will be notified. 


You can either fill it out online and send all documents via email to David Warrington, Town Administrator at or print the application from the Documents Section below and drop off or mail. 

You may drop off the loan request package to Town Hall at 110 South Main Street, Mount Airy, MD 21771 or mail to Business Relief Loan Program, P.O. Box 50, Mount Airy, MD 21771.

Please fill out the application form with as much detail as possible.

Apply HereApplication error will occur until the program opens on January 5, 2021. If you would like a peek at the application, please download from Documents section below.