Envision Mount Airy - A Tour of Possibilities - September 16, 2021

THANKS TO ALL FOR COMING OUT ON THE TOUR ON JUNE 11, 2019! We are planning a new tour on September 16, 2021. Please check back here for all details!

The Goals

Share Information about Commercial Properties for Lease/Sale

Provide Historical Context

Learn Vision for Properties

Fill Vacancies or Sell Properties

Increase Commercial Base of Town

Have Property Representative on Tour to Show Property

Expand Relationships Between Town of Mount Airy, Property Owners, Real Estate Brokers, Agents, Management Companies

Tour Day Schedule

8:00 AM Registration, Breakfast, and Networking

8:20 AM Welcome and Tour Overview from Donnamarie Needle, Chair of Mt. Airy Economic Development Commission. Sponsorship recognition of The Vapor Emporium, Weichert, McKenna & Vane, R&F Investments LLC and Lee Development Group, Inc.

8:30 AM (1) 202-206 North Main Street – Park Cars in Lot Here for Duration of Tour

9:00 AM (2) 9 North Main Street – Drive By

9:10 AM (3) 1502 South Main Street

9:45 AM (4) Ridgeville Heights Lot, South Main Street

9:50 AM (5) 102 Center Street

10:30 AM (6) 205 Center Street

11:00 AM (7) Twin Ridge Industrial Lots #15, #18, #19

11:15 AM (8) Twin Ridge Industrial Lots #23

11:30 AM (9) 1202 Rising Ridge Road, Unit 5

11:45 AM (10) 1302 Rising Ridge Road, Unit 1

12:00 PM (11) 104 West Ridgeville Boulevard – Opportunity for Refreshments and Restroom

12:20 PM (12) 1312 South Main Street

12:40 PM (13) 1311 South Main Street

1:00 PM (14) Lunch at Mt. Airy Health & Wellness Pavilion – Mt. Airy Community Room. Lunch Sponsored by the Mount Airy Main Street Association and Greater Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce.

1:45 PM (15) 604 East Ridgeville Boulevard Lot

1:50 PM (16) 337 East Ridgeville Boulevard

2:00PM (17) 205 East Ridgeville Boulevard

2:20 PM (18) 207 East Ridgeville Boulevard

3:00 PM (19) Twin Arch Business Park Lot #32

3:05 PM (20) Twin Arch Business Park Lot #33

3:15PM (21) Twin Arch Business Park Lots # 14, #16, #17

3:30PM (22) 27 and North Main Street

3:35PM (23) End Tour Back at 202-206 North Main Street

3:35-5:00PM Tour participants are invited to MISCellaneous Distillery after the tour to enjoy a complimentary “Deal Maker” cocktail made with Vivacious Vodka. MISCellaneous Distillery is at 114 South Main Street in the building rear.

The Tour - What was it?

Bus Tour on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 around Mount Airy (Town municipal limits) showcasing the Town, it’s offerings and commercial real estate for sale and lease.

The bus was guided by a Tour Guide making stops periodically for riders to view properties.

BUS SPONSOR - The Vapor Emporium, New Market, MD

The Vapor Emporium Logo
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BREAKFAST SPONSORS: R&F Investments, LLC and Lee Development Group, Inc.

RF Investments
Lee Development Group Logo

LUNCH SPONSORS: Mount Airy Main Street Association (MAMSA) and The Greater Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce (GMACC)

Mount Airy Main Street Association Logo
Greater Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce

Tour Committee

Donnamarie Needle, Economic Development Commission (EDC) Chair

EDC Representatives – Elmer Bailey, Frank Dertzbaugh, Pamela Reed

MAMSA Representative – Alice Settle-Raskin

Chamber Representative – Ray Miller

Town Council Representative – Bob King

Town Staff- Melissa Thorn, Economic Development Manager

Town Staff – Ashley Collier, Parks and Event Coordinator

Town Staff – John Breeding, Community Planning Administrator