Peddler's License

Current Town Solicitors & Peddlers

The Town currently has no authorized solicitors.

Suggestions for Public Cooperation & Safety

It is important to keep everyone informed and safe so the following suggestions/information is offered:
  • If you do not want solicitors to come to your residence - then please post a "No Solicitation" sign at your home. This is the most effective way of expressing your wishes.
  • Call Town Hall at 301-829-1424 to be placed on the "Do Not Want Solicitors" list.
  • Do not open the door for anyone if you are alone or do not feel comfortable.
  • Remember - Please contact the Mount Airy Resident Troopers (call 911 for an emergency / non-emergency - 301-829-0218/Westminster Barracks 410-386-3000) should anyone who does not have a Mount Airy Peddler's License, unless they are non-profit, comes to your door to solicit within the Town limits.
  • A list of any Peddler's Licenses issued by the Town will be maintained and posted.
If you have any questions, please contact Town Hall at 301-829-1424.