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Town Hall will be closed 3/14/17 due to inclement weather.

The Town would also like to remind ALL TOWN RESIDENTS of the Town Ordinance regarding the removal of snow and ice from sidewalks. Due to the severity of the impending storm ALL residents and independent snow removal contractors are asked NOT TO BLOW, THROW OR PLOW SNOW into public streets which creates an unnecessary safety hazards to all motorists, pedestrians and is counterproductive to the work performed by the Public Works Department.

Town Ordinance #85-4.1 states that the owner or occupant of any building or land bordering upon any street, square or public place within the town where there is a sidewalk is required to remove all snow, sleet and ice within a period of 24 hours after the cessation of the snow, sleet or ice. To aid residents in determining when the 24-hours have elapsed, information can be found on the Town’s website and Facebook.

Additionally, objects such as trashcans, recycling containers, basketball hoops and other athletic equipment must be removed as well.

The Town of Mount Airy Public Works Department requests residents work together by shoveling your sidewalks, digging out areas surrounding fire hydrants as well as bus stop areas.   As a community it is important to check on senior citizens, and neighbors that may be in need of help. Make sure your cell phones and other electronic devices are fully charged in an event of emergencies.

Most importantly, please be courteous to the plow drivers for they are working long hours to make sure everyone gets out.  IT TAKES TIME SO PLEASE REMAIN PATIENT – THE ROADS WILL BE CLEARED AS SOON AS THEY CAN BE.