Rails to Trails Grants Task Force

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A RAILS TO TRAILS GRANT TASK FORCE  has been formed to find and apply for grants to offset costs involved for the Rails to Trails and the Caboose Projects for the Town of Mount Airy.

Rails to Trails Information  – from Larry Hushour – Chairman of the Mount Airy Board of Parks and Recreation and lead person on the Rails to Trails projects.  In summary:  It is important for Mount Airy to realize the Rails to Trails program provides huge advantages as an alternative to vehicular traffic throughout the town. Currently, over 400 homes exist on the east side of HWY 27 with no access to sidewalks connecting to town parks, town facilities or schools.  Another 300 homes east of HWY 27 have a hugely complicated, hazardous and indirect connection relegating the sidewalks as a unusable vehicular alternative.   Every town resident who takes advantage of Mount Airy’s Rails to Trails program will be one less car on Watersville Road and/or HWY 27.   Downtown festivals and Watkins Park events currently suffer tremendously from inadequate parking. The ability for 700 families to walk, jog or ride a bike to these events will provide relief to parking, increase attendance, decrease traffic and provide a healthy alternative to “turning a key.”

Other grants will be researched, written and submitted in support of a pavilion, light display and support of a “Blue Star” Highway project at the Mount Airy Caboose/Visitor Center, “Mackenzie.”

Residents and property owners are welcomed and encouraged to use the task force meetings as a venue to ensure their properties and concerns are treated with respect and resolved to mutual satisfaction and/or benefit.”

The Task Force meets on the first Thursday of the month @ 7:00 pm at Mount Airy Town Hall.

Members Include:

  • Larry Hushour
  • Mary Hushour
  • Diane Martin
  • Ken Phebus – Council Liaison (2016)
  • Ronald Runkles
  • Lisa Walker