Public Works

Streets & Roads Department

  • Missing/Damaged street signs
  • Tree problems
  • Potholes/any other asphalt problems
  • Any other road related concerns

Please email:

Please contact this emergency number only if the concern cannot wait until the next business day: Streets & Roads – (240)-793-3697

Water & Sewer Department

  • Water running down the street
  • Broken or missing water/sewer lid
  • Any other problems with the Town water/sewer system

Please email:

Please contact this emergency number only if the concern cannot wait until the next business day: Water & Sewer – (240)- 793-3697

Parks & Recreation Department

  • To reserve a gazebo at the park, or any other business pertaining to the parks please call the main office, between the hours of 8:30am – 5:00pm, at (301) 829-1424
  • To report vandalism, broken equipment, or any other park concerns, please email

Please contact this emergency number only if the concern cannot wait until the next business day: Parks &Recreation – (240)-793-3697

General Road Closings

The downtown area of Main Street is closed for the following events:

  • May Festival main street downtown closed Saturday and Sunday 7:30am to 6:00pm
  • Fall Festival main street downtown closed same hours as May festival
  • Christmas Downtown main street closed 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Fireman’s parade is always held on the Thursday evening of carnival week. Main Street is closed from Hood Street to Watersville Road. The Prospect Road and Main Street intersection is also closed during the parade. If you need to get to the north side of Main Street you will have to use route 27 for that time frame.

Storm Ponds and Drain Inlets

The Town of Mount Airy currently maintains 28 storm ponds. They are under a mowing contract and all are mowed 6 times yearly. They are mowed in May, June, July, September, October and November.
The Town also has a drain inlet-cleaning program and we ask that residents not blow grass and leaves into the culvert inlets in town. This causes problems with the piping system with clogging. Any resident witnessing anyone putting leaves or grass into the inlets please contact Town Hall with as much information as possible such a time and date and the name of the person responsible for putting leaves and grass into the inlets.

Snow Plowing

Every road in Mount Airy is an emergency snow route. The Town of Mount Airy plows all Town owned roads during winter storms. The Town currently has 11 plow trucks which each truck is assigned an area in Town. This is done so that the same driver is use to their assigned area and will know that area well enough for any hazards that exist in each area. The Town asks that residents not blow the snow from their sidewalks into the finished roads. No salt is applied to any roads until the roads in each development are completed from snow removal. This is done to ensure that the snow on your sidewalks contains no salt so that your grass will not be damaged. Please remove all vehicles from the roadway in the event of snow.

Lawn Mowing

Please make sure that your grass is cut regularly. Also, be sure to trim the grass that grows in the street between the curb and pavement that exists in front of your property. Do not leave any grass clippings in the street. Warnings will be given out if the grass height of your lawn reaches 12″ .

Capital Projects

The Town of Mount Airy contracts with numerous companies for projects such as: re-paving roads, storm water pond mowing, HVAC maintenance, sidewalks/curbs/gutters, water/wastewater treatment rehabs, pump stations, and other projects. Recent bid awards and upcoming bids are listed below.

Upcoming Bids

Main Street and Prospect Road Storm Drain Improvements

Bid Documents