Permits and Applications

The following Permit and Application must be picked up and filled out at the Carroll County Building Permits Office (410) 386-2674:

          1. Building Permit
          2. Electrical Permit
          3. Plumbing Permit
          4. Grading Permit

The following applications may be downloaded, printed out, mailed to or dropped off at:

Town of Mount Airy
P.O. Box 50
110 South Main Street
Mount Airy, MD 21771
Care of: Permits Department
(301) 829-1424

Planning Department

Zoning Permit                                                                                            Fee: $15.00

Home Occupation                                                                                    Fee: No Fee

Signage Permit                                                                                        Fee: $20.00/sign side

Banner Permit                                                                                           Fee: No Fee

Fence Permit                                                                                              Fee: $15.00

Shed Permit                                                                                               Fee: $15.00

Please contact the Planning Office at Town Hall for information on permits at (301) 829-1424.