Master Plan – 2013 Update

Scroll down this webpage to view the links leading to the nine (9) Chapters. All Maps were updated by Carroll County Government. The Planning Commission’s recommended 2013 Comprehensive Master Plan update was officially forwarded to the Town Council on 9/8/14.

If you have any questions please call Town Hall at (301) 829-1424.

Scroll down this webpage to view the links leading to the nine (9) Chapters of the 2013 Draft Master Plan.

Change Table – Provided to show all of the changes that have been made with the draft plan. Great referencing tool.

2013 Master Plan Cover Page

2013 Master Plan Acknowledgement Page

2013 Master Plan Table of Contents

2013 Master Plan Executive Summary

2013 – Chapter 1 – Master Plan Process Goals and Objectives – Recommendation to Town Council

2013 – Chapter 2 – Town History and Current Regional Setting – Recommendation to Town Council

Regionalism Policies

Community Framework

2013 – Chapter 3 – Natural Resources -Recommendation to Town Council


Mount Airy Orthophoto

Natural Features

Water Resource Management Areas

2013 – Chapter 4 – Land Use and Zoning – Recommendation to Town Council

Vacant Land Inventory


Existing Use of Land

Designated Comprehensive Land Use

2013 – Chapter 5 -Municipal Growth Element – Recommendation to Town Council

Future Annexation Areas

2013 – Chapter 6 – Transportation – Recommendation to Town Council

Proposed Street System

2013 – Chapter 7 – Community Facilities and Public Services – Recommendation to Town Council

Parks and Recreation

Elementary School Attendance Areas School Year 2013-2014

Middle School Attendance Areas School Year 2013-2014

High School Attendance Areas School Year 2013-2014

2013 – Chapter 8- Community Design Guidelines – For Recommendation to Town Council

Existing Facilities

2013 – Chapter 9 – Implementation – Recommendation to Town Council

Comprehensive Plan 2013

Other relevant Planning Documents to assist your review of the Master Plan:

Mount Airy Zoning Map

Design Guidelines Part 1 Rehabilitation Document

Design Guidelines Part 2 Construction Document

Carroll County Water Resources Element Document

2008 Mount Airy Town Survey

2011-2012 Mount Airy Survey Results

Official Public Comment on the Master Plan:

Master Plan – Town Council Revisions under PC consideration

Lora Kandarian and Bill Ransohoff wished to have their comments held at Town Hall. If you request to read them please stop in to read, 110 South Main Street. Thank you.

MP Comment – Frederick County Government – Jim Gugel

MP Comment – Frank E. Potepan III and Robert A. Scranton

MP Comment – Emmett Full

MP Comment – Edward Paul Browne

MP Comment – Earl Henderson

MP Comment – Earl Henderson 2nd Comment

MP Comment – Elizabeth Kraft

MP Comment – Economic Development Commission

MP Comment – Donald and Martha Easton

MP Comment – David S. Thaler

MP Comment – David K. Bowersox

MP Comment – David Holt

MP Comment – Dave and Sheila Pyatt

MP Comment – Darwin G. and Helen Lawson

MP Comment – Christina Faatz

MP Comment – Carol Q. Eskin

MP Comment – Bill McCullough

MP Comment – Bill Spicer

MP Comment – Bruce N. Dean

MP Comment – B.J. Dixon

MP Comment – Alamedia Moxley

MP Comment – Helen Poe

MP Comment – Herman and Irene Baker

MP Comment – Irvin Martin, Jr.

MP Comment – John and Martina Hatley

MP Comment – Kathryn (Kay) Mullican

MP Comment – Kenneth Flynn

MP Comment – Judi Olinger

MP Comment – Jon Arnold

MP Comment – John E. Superson

MP Comment – John Atwell

MP Comment – Larry Hushour

MP Comment – Laverna White

MP Comment – Lynda Eisenberg

MP Comment – Mackenzie Kantruss

MP Comment – Mark Altomare

MP Comment – Marvin Weiner

MP Comment – Maryland Department of Planning – Peter G. Conrad

MP Comment – Maryland Department of the Environment – Amanda Degen

MP Comment – Michael Berman

MP Comment – Tracey Mcpherson

MP Comment – Timothy L. Rigler

MP Comment – Thaddeus and Stacey Stepek

MP Comment – Sylvia Menard

MP Comment – Susan Holt

MP Comment – Sonya Cecil

MP Comment – Seymour B. Stern

MP Comment – Scott White

MP Comment – Robert and Joan Robisch

MP Comment – Rita Myles

MP Comment – Rita Misra and Chris Spaur

MP Comment – Rita Misra and Chris Spaur

MP Comment – Richard R. Titus

MP Comment – Regina Rigler

MP Comment – Mike Riegel

MP Comment – Michael Stull

MP Comment – Tracy Stull

MP Comment – Valerie Hodge

MP Comment – William W. Darby

MP Comment – Michele Laliberte and Michael Stavish

MP Comment – Laliberte and Stavish – Doubs – River Walk

MP Comment – Laliberte and Stavish – Doubs