Commission Vacancies

Commission and Committee Vacancies Salary: N/A
Location: Mount Airy Town Hall
Nature of Work: Openings for various commissions and committees include:      

Board of Supervisors of Elections  – 1 vacancy – Alternate (in-town resident)

Economic Development Commission – 1 vacancy (shall have either residency, some business or economic interest, or both in the Town and/or nearby region) 

Water and Sewer – 1 vacancy (in-town residents)

Duties and Responsibilities: Serve on the Commissions at their regularly scheduled meetings and any other special meetings or workshops that are held during the year. Meetings are normally held in the evening hours.
Essential Requirements: All vacancies require that applicants be in-town residents, unless noted otherwise.
Procedure for Application: For consideration please contact Lisa Walker at Town Hall for an application – 301-829-1424 or at
Conditions of Employment: N/A
Closing Date: Vacancies are open until filled