Friendly Reminder – Open Unrestricted Burning Within Town Limits is Prohibited

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The Town of Mount Airy would like to pass on a friendly reminder that open unrestricted fires and burn piles within the Town limits are prohibited at all times.  The Town Code Reference for this is Chapter 79, Section 1. This would apply to burning of yard waste, or any other household items that would normally go into your trash or recycling.

While we understand that many people enjoy the recreational restricted fires that are contained by commercial fire pits, fire bowls and chimineas, no recreational restricted fires may cause emission of dust, fumes, gas, smoke, odor, noise, vibration or other noxious disturbances. The Town Code Reference for this is Chapter 76, Section 3.  Please be respectful of this prohibition on open burning within the Town limits at all times. Keep our community safe and healthy!