Contact Us

Town Hall
110 S. Main Street
P.O. Box 50
Mt. Airy, MD 21771-2802

Hours: Monday – Friday
8:30AM – 5:00PM

TEL:  (301) 829-1424
(301) 831-5768
(410) 795-6012

FAX:  (301) 829-1259

Administration Office

Annelise Niner
Community Planning Administrative Assistant/Permits 301-829-1424
Barney Quinn
Town Engineer 301-829-1424
Charlene Singleton
Senior Accounting Clerk/Payroll 301-829-1424
David Ricklis
Code Enforcement Officer 301-829-1424
Debbie Parker Brennan
Town Clerk 301-829-1424
Lisa Walker
Administrative Assistant 301-829-1424
Heather Smith
Community Planning Administrator 301-829-1424
Holly Macaluso
Human Resource Manager 301-829-1424
Katie Moore
Receptionist/Accounts Payable 301-829-1424
Melissa Thorn
Economic & Community Development Manager 301-829-1424
Ashley Collier
Main Street Manager 301-829-1424
Marsha Zimmerman
Water & Sewer Clerk 301-829-1424
Mary VanMetre
Water & Sewer Deptartment/Accounts Payable 301-829-1424
Monika Weierbach
Town Administrator/Zoning Administrator 301-829-1424

Public Works Department

Brian Johnson
Director of Public Works 301-831-7844
Erich Stockdale
Assistant Director of Public Works 301-831-7844

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Terry  Driver
Water and Wastewater Plant Superintendent 301-829-2674

Town Council

Ken Phebus
Town Council Secretary 301-829-1424
Robert King, Jr
Town Council Member 301-829-1424
Patrick Rockinberg
Mayor 301-829-1424
Peter Ramsey Helt
Town Council President 301-829-1424
Scott Strong
Town Council Member 301-829-1424
Jason Poirier
Town Council Member 301-829-1424

Mount Airy Police Department

Colonel Douglas W. Reitz
Chief of Police 301-829-1424
Matt Betz
Police Services Administrator 301-829-1424
Curt Snyder
Sergeant 301-829-1424