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I. Special Exceptions.  A special exception is a grant of a specific use that would not be appropriate generally or without restriction and shall be based upon a finding that certain requirements governing special exceptions as specified in this chapter exist and that the use conforms to the Town Master Plan and is compatible with the existing neighborhood. Each Zoning District Classification delineates the allowable special exception uses within the zoning district. Applicants should refer to the Town of Mount Airy Code § 112 “Zoning” for additional information.

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II. Variance.   A variance is a modification by the Board of Appeals only of dimensional, density, bulk or area requirements of this chapter where such modification will not be contrary to the public interest and where owing to conditions peculiar to the property and not the results of any action taken by the applicant, a literal enforcement of the chapter would result in unnecessary hardship, or practical difficulty Applicants should refer to Town Code Section 112-61 “Variances” for additional information on obtaining a variance.

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