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A Main Street Christmas Parade Participant Entry Form

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  2. The Parade line up begins at North Main Street at the Mount Airy Elementary School. All participants must be at the school no later than 5:45 p.m. The Parade will start at 6:30 p.m. and ends at Calvary United Methodist Church on South Main Street. Any participants needing picked up will be in the upper Church parking lot. If the Parade is canceled due to inclement weather, participants will be notified by on the day of the parade by 12 p.m. by email. It will also be posted on the Town Website and Facebook page, Town of Mount Airy.

  3. Due to the safety of participants and the audience, no candy, toys, or giveaways are to be tossed or handed out during the parade. If you would like to give away anything, (promotional products, toys, hot chocolate, candy, etc.) please contact the event director, Ashley at Each group must have a banner or a sign to identify themselves.

  4. I, the undersigned, agree that I have read and undersigned the guidelines included with the entry form and hereby agree to abide by them. I agree that neither the Mount Airy Main Street Association, the Town of Mount Airy, nor any agent, employee or volunteer assumes any responsibility for any personal injury or property damage suffered in connection with the parade. I agree to release and hold harmless such parties from any claims for injury or damage.

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